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Welcome to Hip Hop Bruha

Welcome to Hip Hop Bruha

Happy Lunar New Year! It's been two weeks since we debuted our beautiful logo by Alfie Numeric, and announced the launch of this project via our social media networks. Without much more detail than that, many of you have been asking: What is Hip Hop Bruha?

Today we are elated to welcome you to our "soft" launch and share with you the Hip Hop Bruha Biography, as well as introduce you to the Hip Hop Bruha Squad. Hip Hop Bruha is an online think platform that seeks to provide a critical analysis on everything from Hip Hop, Pop Culture to all things political through an intersectional feminism lens. Please check out our full Hip Hop Bruha biography on the "About" section, as well as our section of "Acknowledgement" to those that have paved the way for this work before us. Additionally, we are ecstatic to finally unveil our amazing roster of artists, writers, organizers, scholars, and more from all over the country whom we are honored to have as contributors as part of the "Bruha Squad".

Right now, our site may look a little bare as we are gearing up for full launch. However, here's what you can expect from Hip Hop Bruha in the upcoming weeks:

  • New pieces, essays, playlists, and more by our contributors.

  • The debut of our "Bruha Spotlight" section, where we'll be doing weekly features on an artist, scholar and/or community organizer who has strongly represented and served their communities.

  • Weekly/Biweekly social media round up of news, views, and activities that has the eyes, minds, hearts, or hands of our Bruha Squad.

  • A dynamic and participatory glossary section and resource guide.

And perhaps some additional surprises!

Already, some of you have been asking how you can support Hip Hop Bruha. Please check out our page on ways to contribute or get involved. As we enter this new year and an exciting new chapter/manifestation of our life and love work, we are looking to you, our community, to help guide our path. For any questions or to let us know what you want to see from Hip Hop Bruha in the future, email us at info@HipHopBruha.com.

Love & Solidarity,

Hip Hop Bruha