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Resistance Reportback: SEA, LAX, SFO, SAN, JFK

[Summary of updates added as of January 31st: Day 2 & 3 in Seattle, Day 2 in LAX, plus here is a photo album on Day 2 DC White House Actions from Naomi Ishisaka.]

On January 28th, folx from all over the country flooded their local airports to show solidarity for

image description: Thousands pack SeaTac Airport in protest of Trump's ban on Muslim immigration.  photo credit: Alex Garland

detained travelers and protest Trump's destructive and unconstitutional executive order on immigration. The hash tags #NoMuslimBan #NoWalls and #NoBorders reigned supreme on our timelines, and members of our Hip Hop Bruha squad were on the ground in several cities. Although a New York federal judge’s stay later in the evening of the 28th did block deportations temporarily, there are still people being detained, potentially deported, and many questions, plus much work, remains. HHB compiled a rapid roundup/report back for our community via social media and people on the ground that were able to respond. Please be advised this information is very incomplete as the story is still unfolding. We will attempt to update as new information comes in.

image description: thousands pack SEAtac airport of Trump's Executive Order Muslim & Refugee Ban. photo credit: Alex Garland

Seattle Day 1 - Saturday the 28th: As of now, there are no exact numbers on how many travelers were detained at SeaTac earlier in the day, but some media sources have reported 13. At least one person was deported prior to the national stay being established, and two detainees represented by ACLU were released. Crowds reached 3,000 at SeaTac Airport earlier in the evening but dwindled when politicians intervened to encourage dispersal. Sound Transit unethically suspended bus and Light Rail service to the airport for at least 30 minutes. By 1am, a much smaller group of protestors faced a much more aggressive police force armed with rifles, sandbag launchers, and barricades. Pepper spray was deployed and 28 protestors were snatched up then released to Tukwila Lightrail Station at 3am. Additional demonstrations are taking place in downtown Seattle today. This scene below of WA State Senator Bob Hasegawa helping hold the line was captured by thedignityvirus.com.

Seattle Day 2 - Sunday the 29th:

There are still no exact numbers on the number of people detained or deported prior prior to stay, however word from legal advocates is that it does seem to be the general trend that post the stay people are being released nationally. Nikkita Oliver tells us that there are still supporters and lawyers frequenting SeaTac as preventative action in the case that more travelers are detained because the law does not protect against detainment. The presence of protestors and legal advocates is helping ensure people are getting legal counsel as soon as possible. She also provided us this link on judicial orders on this issue over the weekends. To summarize, there are multiple stays, the most national from New York, which is on deportation only and does not protect against detainment itself.

In addition, there was a rally at Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, where ICE currently holds detained undocumented people in the region, that drew a crowd of roughly 150. Although SeaTac detainees were released, the host organization NWDC Resistance, urged its supporters to join the 2pm rally in solidarity with the 1,500 individuals currently imprisoned there as well. Footage of the rally is available on the NWDCResistance.org Facebook page.

Beginning at 5pm on this day, downtown Seattle was flooded with over 10,000 people opposing Trump’s immigration policies. Vantage Point Productions captured the impressive aerial footage of the number attendees at the Westlake rally, linked here, which also featured some community-rooted speakers (albeit with reports from grassroots organizers that politicians were taking up too much space.) This march was not a direct action with specific objectives, thus largely symbolic in purpose, and word on our timelines on the experience of radical activists and organizers reflected similar critiques to that of the Womxn’s March earlier this month. There was reported a lot of confusion on the route after the rally of the march, which ultimately splintered into several smaller marches, some reported to be “lead by SPD” to the chagrin of more experienced resistors.

Seattle Day 3 - Monday January 30th:

The Latinx Law Student Association of the University of Washington lead a rally to protest an on campus event that was organized by Trump supporters in celebration of his infamous wall. The letter to UW administration concerning the event is here. The mysterious group who promoted the event via their Facebook page entitled “UW Wall Building Association” was reported to have been targeting vulnerable student groups on campus in the weeks prior. The page, which had only 26 likes last Thursday, has since been deleted. Vantage Point Productions also captured this rally.

San Francisco (no updates as of Jan 31st) One of our Bruha squad rolled through with provisions capturing the scene below at around 9pm on Saturday evening. As of about 12am, the protest at SFO reached 2,000 people, and families were still being detained. Additionally there are reports on Twitter that two detainees may be deported today, Sunday the 29th, in direct violation of the stay. There is a demonstration planned at 12pm today at SFO. Alicia Garza of #BLM posted the following actions that California/San Francisco Bay Area residents can take: "Call and tweet your local public officials, in addition to the following offices, to demand non-compliance with and action against the executive order:

  • To SFO Airport Director, Ivar Satero: (650) 821-8211 @flySFO

  • To SFO US Customs and Border Patrol Office: (650) 837-2876 @CustomsBorder

  • To SF Board of Supervisors: (415) 554-5184 @SFBOS

  • To Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi: (415) 556-4862 @NancyPelosi

  • To Senator, Kamala Harris: (213) 894 - 5000 @KamalaHarris

  • To Representative Jackie Speier: (650) 342-0300 @jackiespeier"

LAX Day 1 Saturday the 28th:

One of our Bruha squad passed along this info- source unverified as of now: “Reports from legal interpreters as of this morning say that LAX and a few other cities have failed to comply at the local level with the federal halt, and have folx detained this morning, including children and elders. Support and action is still needed. Organizers are advised that a safety plan is absolutely critical. Being that this is federal property, the CBP & DHS have authority to detain indefinitely at their discretion. For folx who are arrested, call the National Lawyer's Guild at (310) 313-3700, it is advised to write this number down on your arm in permanent marker and to stay in contact with a family member or friend through regular check-ins so they can contact arrests@nlg-la.org and have the case be be taken into their intake system. People arrested should ask to be released on their own recognizance. Everyone should give a few others their legal name and date of birth. Non-citizens should fill out a G-28 with an attorney. If you are detained by CBP, they won't communicate without a G-28. The intake line for immigration detention attorneys is (213) 977-5245. Please also note that participants in vulnerable categories (undocumented, those with legal permanent residence or visas from the seven countries under the ban, folks with priors or who are on probation) should take extra care when participating in these actions or on other forms of federal property. Parents and caretakers should also note that this action is not safe for babies, children, or pets; please put their safety first, especially due to increased risk because of confined space and large crowd size. Take similar care and precautions if you have a disability.”

image descriptions: person being reunited with family after being detained. photo credit: Michael Hagerty, Media Contact for attys

LAX Day 2 - Sunday the 29th:

Protest continued throughout Sunday. 1,500 people were at LAX yesterday morning and the numbers swelled to over 6,000 by the scheduled rally at 1pm with marches throughout airport, shutting down a segment of departures. There have been reports of anti-protestors gathering to aggravate. There is still not exact information on the number of people detained, but estimates range from 14-40. Detainees include residents and students. People with health problems are not receiving their necessary care. Three detainees were released Sunday afternoon and CBP said they are prioritizing people with health problems for "extreme vetting" with possible release in 4 hours, though this is unconfirmed. There is no access to detainees who have had their electronics taken away from them, only access to their friends and family who only have preliminary information. ACLU filed a lawsuit making demands of CBT, Mayor made a brief statement as well as other local officials who have been issuing demands. There are many volunteer attorneys present. Our correspondent spoke to an Iranian PhD student here on student Visa who just dropped off their visiting parents to the airport. They expressed concern about when and if they would reunite with their family, but were comforted by the turnout and support of protests saying, “Humanity is still intact.”

video credit: Alana Schindel

San Diego (No updates as of Jan 31st) This was a much smaller solidarity protest, and it is unclear whether or not there were immigrant/refugee detainees at this location. Our editor was on the ground and captured the footage below. People who have been expecting visitors to arrive at SAN from one of the seven countries in yesterday's executive order - Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen - and have not heard from their visitors or have heard that their visitors have arrived and been detained or denied entry to please contact ACLU at 619-398-4485 and leave a message. The voicemail will be checked regularly throughout the weekend. Please leave a message slowly and clearly with contact information for the caller as well as the following information about the visitors if possible: name, date of birth, country of citizenship, form of visa or entry authorization, date and time of arrival, flight number and airline. In addition, it would be helpful to share information about how being denied entry to the United States causes the person a hardship whether because of persecution, illness, family ties, etc. Organizers stand ready to challenge detentions and denials of entry where possible to do so. CBP is not sharing information so it's hard to help people assert their rights. Getgroundgame.com is reporting another demonstration tonight here at 5pm. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154098851036050&id=623901049 JFK (No updates as of Jan 31st) Crowds were massive, and this was most covered by mainstream press. Taxis went on strike in solidarity. There are reports from 10:30am today that refugee rights and other advocacy groups are in desperate need of translators at airports by phone. Attorneys are taking shifts at all major international airports, but they are seeking Arabic speakers. If someone you know can help out, please have them email saraedill@gmail.com who can connect them directly to the organizers.