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An Organizer Offers Tips for Sustainability in the Movement

‪Recently, long-time labor organizer and AF3IRM organizer, Jollene Levid, posted some tips on social media for folx who often ask, how does one sustain in this movement work. We felt it was great wisdom to share with all of you. Here they are in her exact words:

People want quick self-help tips to susta

Jollene Levid, AF3IRM Organizer
AF3IRM Organizer, Jollene Levid, with long dark brown hair faces to their east wearing a light denim jacket with a printed top. In the background is a long path with trees behind Jollene.

inability in the movement. Impossible. Here’s how I’ve honestly done it the last 17 years:‬

  1. Be in an organization or collective. You won’t win a revolution by yourself or online.‬ It doesn’t matter how many online followers you have.

  2. Read books. Your beliefs need revitalization all the time.‬

  3. Find mentors and comrades you can find guidance from. What we are doing isn’t new and we have to learn from others - both elders and the youth.

  4. Take care of yourself. Sleep, eat, exercise, go to therapy/acupuncture/whatever you can access.

  5. Mothering/parenthood while organizing is a whole new challenge. Nothing is the same; honor your new limitations as well as new insights.

  6. Be ready to say goodbye to friends and comrades who will inevitably leave; mourn them but rest assured you will always find others.

  7. Purposefully learn new skills & volunteer for new tasks within your organization/movement.

  8. Show up. Go to meetings, actions, and gatherings.

  9. You will make mistakes. Authentically apologize. Be accountable.

  10. Rest, but don’t quit.