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Raised Pinay, Story-Telling & Decolonization Practices through Performance

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Join Hip Hop Bruha's host, DJ Kuttin Kandi in a discussion with Director, JL and cast, Renaissance Roxy of Raised Pinay on the process and production of this years "Raised Pinay”, how story-telling is at the heart of artist-activism, the call to uplift, amplify the diverse narratives of Filipinx peoples and the need for decolonization.

JL is a cultural bearer through her multidisciplinary artistry/creation work, role as an education and sharer of knowledge and duty as healer in uplifting the healer within all who come to exchange with her. She embodies her Sacred Work at every turn of her existence and understands her life as Ceremony and Spiritual Practice. Because of this truth, she believes that service healing work cannot be conducted in this "Time of Decolonization" without seeing our spirits intertwined to our justice, dignity and sense of freedom and invites us to be in relation to how our integrity and honor are tightly bound to our liberation, and when we compromise them to capitalistic, patriarchal and white supremist ties, our freedom is ceded. JL works to be in constant re-membrance and expansion of thought, spirit and physical capability in service of a world where there is global convergence and collaboration in the return to, and reclamation of liberation by those who have been stripped of the understanding that- Freedom IS and we much choose it above our ties to Colonization. She is the creator of the Theatrical Healing Movements The Journey of a Brown Girl and Raised Pinay. And also is the creator of Kapwa Tarot, a diasporic Pilipinx divination tool that has been exchanged globally. Pronouns: She Her/ They Them/ JL

Roxanne “Renaissance Roxy” Lim is a third-generation Filipina-American from uptown NYC. She hosts her own show, Suplada Pod, and is the Program Curator of Wovxn (www.wovxn.com), a collective dedicated to providing creative resources for femme-identifying folx. Roxanne is passionate about making the arts accessible to marginalized groups, and a big advocate for the hip-hop community. She strives to create at the intersection of music, entertainment, and cultural identity. You can often find her watching Steven Universe or chillin' with her pup, Shiro. Pronouns: She/hers