SUPPORT Hip Hop Bruha & Get Involved Today!

Hip Hop Bruha is a volunteer-based online platform.  This means that we lean on the support of our audience and our overall community to keep ourselves and our work going.  Hip Hop Bruha appreciates any support you choose to provide - whether it's monetarily support or services offered or simply promoting our work and our voices - we will be forever grateful to all of you.  Below are some of the ways you can be involved with Hip Hop Bruha and how you can continue to support our work and our volunteers.

Submit Music, Art and more!

If you're a Musician, MC/Rapper, DJ, Producer/Beat-maker, Poet, Singer and would love to submit your music to be featured on our show; please send it in for a review as we would love to support you.  If you're an artist or a photographer and would like to have your artwork featured in our art gallery of our blog, please send it in to be reviewed.  All material submitted must align with Hip Hop Bruha's principles.  Please feel free to email us at

We, at HHB are hoping to build our audience and grow in our financial stability so that we can financially support all of our contributing guest writers, hire an official staff and expand our work.  If everyone who supports HHB donated as little as $5.00 a month; HHB would be able to sustain our online work, provide programs and support ourselves for the long haul we have ahead of us in not just writing but in educating, organizing and building with community.  When you donate to HHB, you are donating and contributing to the livelihood of our writers.  Support Hip Hop Bruha and DONATE today!

Write For Hip Hop Bruha

Hip Hop Bruha is looking for contributing guest writers that have an intersectional feminist approach and substantial writing skills.  Writers would need to be saavy with doing interviews, and be open to occasionally sharing their own personal narratives and experiences through their writing.  Currently, writing for Hip Hop Bruha is volunteer work but we do hope that as our readership and financial stability grows we will soon be able to pay all of our writing contributors.  If you are interested in voluntarily writing for Hip Hop Bruha, please send in your resume and a writing sample at

Volunteer with Hip Hop Bruha

Hip Hop Bruha is looking for volunteers!  We are in need of folx who are interested in assisting in areas of audio engineering, film-making, producers, editing, writing, graphics design, web-building, photography, outreaching, marketing and so much more.  If you are interested in growing with us, learning with us and building with us through volunteership please send us your resume and your sample work at

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